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Hynad said:
padib said:

It is actually. I posted the proof a little earlier.

Ok, but has PCIe 4.0 SSDs been available forever? No.

And how much do they cost for the same speed as the one found in the PS5? 

How was it viable to put one such drive in older console, as you said they should have, when the expected selling price of these consoles is supposed to be around 400 bucks? 

A quick look at the store and you have to pay around 200$ to find something comparable to what is found in the PS5.

Of course, it needs a bit more time to become cheaper. We also don't know how much the price tag is for Sony, so it's hard to debate on that point. But it's not a magic tech that doesn't yet exist, it is in the market. I was just replying to your point about Sony making a special custom SSD that is built for the PS5, but in truth other SSDs will work with the PS5 very well. Also, Sony has never really been known to be a leader in the development of SSDs, there are many manufacturers which have been doing it for years and they are leaders in the industry (Samsung, Sandisk, Kingston, etc.). It is even very likely that Sony has partnered with one to engineer the part.

Sony will also frontload the part cost, as their mass production of PS5s will allow them to amortize the costs over its lifecycle.

They may also sell the PS5 as a loss leader (like they did in the past), at least for a year or so after launch.

Last edited by padib - on 25 March 2020