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Nothing from Digital Foundry yet. I'll update with DF's vid once that's up on their channel. But Gamexplain made a comparison video focusing on visuals and load times of the demo.

There's also this video highlighting Graphics Mode and FPS mode, which exists as an option on the PS4 models.


PS4 - FPS Mode: 900p, 60fps, AA
PS4 - Graphics Mode: 1080p, 60fps (less stable), AA

PS4 Pro - FPS Mode: 1080p, 60fps, No AA
PS4 Pro - Graphics Mode: 1440 - 2160p, 60fps, No AA

Switch - 900p, 30fps, No AA

Switch and PS4 actually have the same resolution when in FPS mode on PS4. But Switch is missing Anti Aliasing.

Load times are better on PS4, but neither version is good in that aspect.
Might be something Atlus can improve for launch, or patch after.

For visuals it appears to only be a resolution difference when PS4 is in Resolution Mode.

Number of enemies on screen appears to be similar/the same.


So the only version that has Anti Aliasing is base PS4? That's a bit weird.
Graphics mode on base PS4 also seems like it may be the best option since it retains 60fps, albeit less stable, and still has AA.

Last edited by Hiku - on 08 February 2020