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Mar1217 said:
It'd be nice to get a new Direct and the rumored Sony conference for the PS5. It might shake up the already established top ranking ...

Thank you Axum for the results !

Yeah, I have to say, Series X has some titles that are already being voted for, which is good for Microsoft. 

Playstation 4 has enough exclusives to get to this Summer but afterward, it'll be slim pickings. We need something over the next few months to give us a morsel of what to expect. Admittedly, the title carrying it after will likely be the next part of FFVII. 

Nintendo are kinda lucky. They were always fighting a two front war on the software front, so with a hybrid console, we get a pretty constant flow of announcements. Some of which might just be ports, but they aren't really slowing down.

At this point, I am just hoping PS5 and Xbox Series X live up to the hype they are generating and that Nintendo keeps pumping out quality content.