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I'm with you raptor. I'd like to not really know too much but there are some things I want to know. The main thing I want to know is if they spread the cancer of DLC to AC. Are they willing to shit on one of best series games they have all for a little extra money. I pray to Thor, God, or any mythological beast that they don't shit stain their series with the likes of a company like EA would do to one of their IPs.

DLC for first party Switch games has been virtually all about expansion passes. A single significant one-time payment ($20, $25 or $30 depending on the game) gets you a notable amount of additional content, individual content purchases are impossible. The only outliers, that I can think of right now, have been Mario+Rabbids and Fire Emblem Warriors, both of which had a season pass as well as the option to buy individual DLC pieces. Another outlier is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate where the popularity of the game has caused the introduction of a second fighters pass, but the new fighters still have to be purchased as a package as individual purchases are not possible.

In light of Nintendo's quite consistent DLC strategy for Switch, it would already be surprising if Animal Crossing received multiple smaller DLC packs that go for $5-10 each. EA-type stuff can be safely ruled out. But you should expect an expansion pass that costs $20-30 because a lot of Nintendo's popular Switch games have got one. More often than not, the content of the expansion passes has justified their respective price, so if we go by track record, Animal Crossing should be fine with and without an expansion pass.

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