EspadaGrim said:
Ryuu96 said:

I'm pretty sure the license for MechWarrior expires this year between Microsoft and Piranha Games. Idk what Microsoft plans on doing with it but if they license it out again they better at least put a clause on the contract that requires an Xbox port, Lol. I also think Microsoft should invest a little more into it if they do, Piranha Games seems willing to do so but Microsoft has no reason to put any financial backing into it as it's only licensed out.

MS needs to take full advantage of MechWarrior, Freelancer and ShadowRun IP, that's three potential AAA franchises for next gen.

Yeah, Shadowrun is licensed out as well. IIRC Microsoft licensed out MechWarrior, Shadowrun and Crimson Skies to Jordan Weisman who in turn licensed out MechWarrior to Piranha Games, but Jordan's studio shut down, then he created Harebrained Schemes which works on Shadowrun, Harebrained sold to Paradox but I think Jordan Weisman still has the licenses from Microsoft, MechWarrior expires this year but I don't have a clue about the others, kinda messy.

Microsoft was meeting with Piranha Games quite a bit last year, likely doing negotiations regarding the license but it feels like a waste that we have 2 studios willing to work on these (Harebrained - Shadowrun, Piranha Games - MechWarrior) and Microsoft is only licensing them out instead of investing in them, would be better if XGP stepped in Imo.

Jordan Weisman was a big person in Xbox though and respected so maybe they're just being nice by giving his properties to him and staying out the way, though they could still do that and pump some money into them.

konnichiwa said:
Well the best selling games are last gen games GTAV/Minecraft

Yeah, GTA 5 still sells great.