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Barozi said:
Hong Kong is a very rocky area. There is barely any space to free roam other than in the northern parts of the New Territories. Not really ideal for a Horizon game.

Yeah, I feel like a Hong Kong Horizon game might be pretty much all city, with only a few mountain roads like the road to Victoria Peak. Japan offers the same aesthetic as Hong Kong in terms of cities, but also a much larger variety of rural areas.

That being said, the Horizon games don’t attempt to 1:1 recreate the areas they are based on, Playground takes a lot of creative liberties when designing them, they probably could get around the limitations of real world Hong Kong pretty easily, by just doing a generic China map, with everything from the Gobi Desert to the Himalayan mountains to Guilin, to the coast, with a Hong Kong based city on the coast, all compacted into a single Horizon sized map.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 02 January 2020