thismeintiel said:

I'll update when weekend numbers come in.  Of course, the big test will come next weekend, which saw The Force Awakens drop a mere 40% WOW, while TLJ dropped a whopping 67%.  Will ROS drop like TFA, or TLJ, or somewhere inbetween?

Still running the same narratives from 2 years ago I see.  As I pointed out to you long ago, The Last Jedi was hurt by the calendar.  Two of the worst box office days of the year, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve fell on a Sunday.  Additionally, many schools were still in session during its first week (and beyond that Jumanji became a breakout hit).

Without Christmas shopping eating away its first weekend, Rise of Skywalker will surely do better than The Last Jedi this weekend.  But I can further make a confident prediction that The Last Jedi will do much better on weekdays next week.

It's fairly easy to predict these things, and it probably cost The Last Jedi about $75-100 million that it could have gotten if it had the same calendar as The Force Awakens which had Christmas on a Friday and no competition, which is just a perfect setup for maximizing box office.

Hiku said:

Critical perception vs Audience rating is essentially reversed for this one.

Word of mouth may bring in more people to TROS for upcoming weeks compared to the previous film.

Naw, Rotten Tomatoes is just better at stopping review bombs.  Comparing two scores with different criteria of a self-selected sample isn't terribly helpful.

The professionally done surveys actually show it as doing just fine as well, but not as well as previous entries.  It got a B+ on CinemaScore for example.  But that is less well-received than any previous Star Wars film save the animated Clone Wars.

Which is a fair place to put it.  Rise of Skywalker was one of the weaker Star Wars films, but put in context of films in general, it wasn't bad.