I've been using my phone exclusively over the last two years for the surfing the internet thinking i was getting a much more convenient experience over my 2011 laptop, I was wrong. Hideously wrong in fact, I bought a cheap chrome book to help me sort some things out in 2020 and not only is typing not a pain anymore but I rarely have to edit comments. My neck gets less strained. Sites just work better. Youtube is a more immersive experience. I can have multiple tabs open at once and I'm back to reading news instead of listening to other people read the news to me. I have started lightly researching news just to make sure there is no slant but most of all, frustration levels and internet fighting has dropped drastically. My eyes feel a little less strained. I even think i am sleeping a tad better and i am so less addicted to Twitter and the social media sites. I still use my phone but now it has become the device I want to avoid for it's lesser convenience. 

Phones and tablets, while they seem to do so on the surface are still not a replacement for the good old laptop. I didn't know what i was missing out on and for so long I thought booting up my laptop would be a drag and not worth it. Like with adding boobs to twitter [see here http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=240171&page=1 ] I've solved another first world problem and improved my life just a little.

Anyone else use their phones? And if you do, I urge you to rethink dusting of that laptop.


China Numba wan!!