I'm not interested in this game at all but it has some neat ideas to it. In true Obsidian fashion there's implied world impact in how you choose to survive. Kotaku has an article that outlines how something like focusing your attacks on one particular part of the ecosystem of creatures around you can affect the larger biome. Apparently you can wipe out a species completely and its predator will also start to fade from existence.

The style of game isn't for me but that's just a really cool idea and I hope it pans out in the final game.

EDIT: Here's the article: https://kotaku.com/obsidian-s-next-game-is-a-survival-adventure-where-your-1839858401

What I was referencing from the article:

I asked Brennecke if it will be possible to wipe out an entire species, full stop. He said yes, and that the repercussions will be grim.

“It will be possible,” he said, using aphids as an example. “And then, for example, ladybugs hunt aphids, so they’ll start to die out, too.”

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