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Colin said it but choose to use the word soul instead of something else, phrasing it in a way I've never seen someome do, which makes it sound intentional. Why not "the dream is still alive" or something?

Colin also said in a later episode that he thought it was going to be for the PS4, but now that we know it's for the PS5, he understands why haven't them announced it yet. They are saving it to when Sony goes full focus on PS5 marketing, which is later this year/early next year.

I agree that the re-envisioning they mention makes it sound like a PS1 era game, if SotC, a PS2 game, they can remake, the need to rework completely a game means it's something even trickier to work with.

A PS1 RPG feels like a great pick for what we know (they are working on a game that has weapons and armors), for example games like LoD or FFIX, they use images for towns/dungeons backgrounds, 3D models of those simply doesn't exist on those games, they would need to model them themselves based on 2d images.

LoD in special would need a full rethinking of its gameplay if they want to make it one thing only, because it's not either fully turn based or action oriented.

They can keep the addition system exactly as it is too, tho. I would love that but I would love to see at least more additions added too.

Anyway, Demon's Souls can also fit that description too, making it go from stage based to open world, making the last archstone playable, bringing the new mechanics from the Dark Souls franchises... they can make a lot more than just bring the models/textures and resolution to 4K.

I'm not saying Colin wasn't talking about Demon's Souls.  Of course, he could have been talking about Soul Reaver or Soul Caliber, the game that phrase is usually associated with.  The thing is, though, he never mentioned Bluepoint Games when referring to the game.  He also didn't say "I think it's coming to PS4," he said "it was coming out for PS4."  You'd have to point me to the later episode.  Was he talking about the "soul" game specifically, or was he talking about Bluepoint's game?

About the Bluepoints Games game, it is the "soul" game.

He said he thought it was for the PS4 and now knows that if it is for the PS5 he undetstands why they didn't announce it yet.

Which means he was talking about it that time he mentioned the "soul" part, as he did say it was a PS4 game before, and that he didn't know why they didn't announce it yet.

I'll get you the link later, will have to dig the timing on that too as the videos are about 2 hours long. lol

Edit: go to 35:50

Found it pretty fast xD

He called it a big deal, no way it's Soul Calibur... Soul Reaver? Eeeh... don't think so.

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