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KBG29 said:
twintail said:

Is it possible to buy me one too?

It wouldn't be unheard of, although I have been bit by buying consoles for extended family and friends in the past.

On two seperate occasions I have bought a console for someone, just for them to turn around and sell it, or give it to someone else. 

Worst was one of my consins. I went over for a family event, and her parents were like everyone should check out her room, she re-painted it, and decorated it herself. She was around 15 at the time. Not only had I bought her a PS3, but I also gave her my SXRD when I bought my 1st 3D TV. I go in the room and there is a Vizio LCD and a Comcast Box, and nothing else. I was like "oh, you got a new TV". She is like, yeah, I sold the PS3 and TV, that is how I was able to make over my room".

The other time I bought a PS4 for a friend at work, because they wanted to play MLB The Show. They ended up Switching Jobs within the company, and a few weeks later they stopped being on PSN. After a few more weeks, I ran into them as they came back to the site I work at to get some certifications. I was like, "hey, I never see you on PSN anymore". The dude comes back, with, "Yeah, I gave the PS4 to my Girl". 

I'm not against buying stuff for people, even people I don't know, but I am more cautious now than I was when I was younger. If it is within my means though, I love helping people out, and giving more people the oppertuinty to game.

A $500 console is a pretty tall order for someone I only know from a profile on a gaming site. Right now, I would have to say it is unlikley.

Do you help charity?

You seem to make a damn lot of spare money, and don't get me wrong, gifting your family is really cool and I applaud you for sharing with them, but you seem like someone that can direct some of that extra hard earned money to people in dire need of it.