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vivster said:
*poof* And the little hype I had for the PS5 is gone.

What were you hoping for?

KBG29 said:
Why wouldn’t they be?

The touch pad is a giant menu button in most games, feels absolutely great hitting it to pop open the map.

The light bar at a minimum is an indication that the controller is on.

I have never understood the issue people have with either of them. It seems to just boil down to the same old gaming culture disapproval of anything new.

The only thing that the DS4 has that is a real issue is the tiny battery. That is where the problem is, thankfully they have already confirmed they are addressing that with this controller.


I really like the touchpad because of that.  In some games, it feels like a different kind of button.  And other games use it beyond a simple button, and have swiping change what the input means.

BraLoD said:

The light bar is for PSVR tracking.

And it helps make Astrobot possible, so it is well worth it.  

Xxain said:
Mark Cerny is designing what sounds like a very boring upgrade. No unique features as of now; just tech.

I think it's kind of a tricky situation. 

Some people just want a refined experience, no unique features just better versions of what they already have.  

And it tends to be safer to have a system focused on those people.

What kind of unique features would you hope for?

PortisheadBiscuit said:
Light bar is one of my least favorite features, but oh well

It'd be nice if they could make it dim or even turn it all the way off.

With a better camera system for PSVR, it might be completely unnecessary to have a bright lightbar in the first place.