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SanAndreasX said:
Hiku said:

Our games have a security case on them, that they can open at the register. If no one removes it, it will trigger an alarm when you leave.
Why not use a system like that? They appear quite difficult to forcefully open. Impossible without some sort of tool at least.

Are people in the US really bringing tools to the store to break them inside the store? And so frequently that it becomes a problem?
I've never even heard of anyone ever doing that here.

As for limited selection of games compared to Gamestop, that's probably the case here as well.
But if it's a new game, they'll have it. So I mentioned it since Shadow said he likes to buy them early, or day 1.

I've never heard of it, but loss prevention is a big thing with Walmart with the volume of customers they have. That's how they've pretty much always been. There are stores here that use alarm boxes. 

As for new games, the big retailers generally limit their selection to the big name games from EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Take-Two, WB, or the console makers. You'll find Final Fantasy XV pretty readily at Walmart, but Dragon Quest XI is a bit more iffy, and good luck finding a Walmart that will carry something like SNK 40th Anniversary Collection. 

I see.

Game selection for big retailers may be a bit different here then. Cause a game like Dragon Quest shouldn't be missing at launch.

It also had Dragon Quest Builders 2, and Dragon Quest Heroes 2.
I didn't find SNK Collection, but since it's almost a year old, it may be out of stock. They did still have SNK Heroines though.

But anyway, if large retailers don't have a particular title, then someone that loves buying the games in person at a store would have to resort to buying them online I guess.