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LudicrousSpeed said:

Amazing that this company who thinks SP gaming is dead, keeps stocking their service full of quality SP titles.

I think they said it wasn't profitable to produce large scale AAA SP titles compared to multiplayer/games as a service titles. They know there's a demand for them, although they may have underestimate how large that demand was, prior to 2017.

How "Japan-esy" is DMC5?

Very. But that doesn't really say much about the game since that can mean a lot of different things.
Capcom pretty much invented this genre, so that's mainly why it's Japanese-y.

You've never played a Devil May Cry before?

Given some comments I've seen from you about Japanese games, it may do you good to broaden your horizons a bit.
And DMC5 is a good one.

Last edited by Hiku - on 19 August 2019