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Mbolibombo said:
I havnt been really good for many years now. But I used to be very good at RTS games.

Came in 2nd place at Dreamhack 2001 in 1on1 Broodwar, Top 5 in the EU ladder in WC3 during 2002-2003, 2nd place in DOTA 3 years in a row at Dreamhack 2004-2006, and managed to be in master league in SC2 before grand master was a thing.

But since the arrival of my first born in late 2012 I havnt had the dedicated time to stay really good. I'm a has been :>

Some cool accomplishments there. Second place at a Dreamhack Dota tournament back in 2004-2006 means you must've met, play against, and beaten what became some of the most successful esports pros in the world.