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Most of you probably never heard of this game before that's ok it died with the saturn . I'm so frustrated there'll never be a game like this again unless someone does something about I dont see namco or arksystem etc doing a game like this? So, I have an idea while I still take japanese class I enter a program class though I'm not sure which one All I know is I wanna incorporate some advanced moves in megamix 2 or a game similar to megamix I've played alot of tekken 7 and virtua fighter 5 final showdown along with DOA6 and from experience know alot of combos and strings if that counts for each game XD. I have a great idea of a combo system borrowing games mentioned that I played online alot :) .Also since I'm thinking of taking some computer class not sure which one that'll have a help me in 3d fighters I so hope . If I take 4 years of enginering some physics at my college then hopefully get Sega to hire me 4-8 years later I'd be down for it . I know 1 man cant do everything . So hire some ex-employees of tekken, and doa to help :). I know noones gonna do it ? But I have the balls to do a game in vein of fighters megamix 2 . 

Heres a video of the game I want to come back XD . 

2:51 Slab of meat vs palm tree

5:35 vs sweet ass

6:57 vs mexican cucumber(Review tech USA approved)

9:31 vs some freakin kid 

10:38 vs some freakin car LMAO

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