the-pi-guy said:
shikamaru317 said:

Considering we have insiders on the other side of the fence saying that Xbox Scarlett is the more powerful of the two, I have my doubts. It's starting to look like neither batch of insiders has any actual clue what the final specs are.

One thing is for sure. MS knows they are starting in a weaker position since PS4 won this generation, I highly doubt that they will let Sony have the power advantage over them, they saw what happened to XB1 even when it was cheaper than PS4, they know now that alot of people go with the platform with the best quality versions of multiplats. I suspect they will design a powerful Scarlett and sell it at a loss early gen if need be in order to prevent that from happening again. MS literally said in interviews at E3 that they designed Scarlett to "hopefully" be more powerful than PS5.

Since when has the quality of multiplats been a substantial driver for console sales?  Historically that has never been the case.  

The average gamer in a gen buys a console to play with their friends.  Since PS4 got a jump start, it continued momentum even when XB was cheaper because people were still going to buy the same system their friend already had.  

Friends is a factor for sure, but specs are definitely a factor for alot of people, myself included. If two consoles are somewhat similar in price and one of them is noticeably more powerful than the other, like PS4 vs XB1, people go with the more powerful one.