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irstupid said:
CaptainExplosion said:
Do you guys think maybe this time, Ganon will be capable of intelligible speech, or will he still be a screaming nightmare creature? I was kinda sad that Calamity Ganon didn't greet Link with an epic villain monologue like in past games.

I would assume he is intelligible. I feel like the two big complaints for BotW, were the lackluster final villain and no proper dungeons. I feel those two will be addressed in the sequel.

Will Ganondorf stay scary mummy like or will he get as fan art is having fun doing "rehydrated" like in the movie the Mummy. I dont' care either way. I do like the Mummy look and hope that hints at new enemies. Fill the world with some redeads, death hands, poes, white wolfos, ect. The more scary, dead like creatures.

The underbelly of Hyrule comes to life in Botw2

And make the ReDeads as horrifying as they have been in the past!! :D