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twintail said:
d21lewis said:

Maybe. Personally I'm happy with ports, remasters, new stuff, old stuff, whatever. If it's a game I want to play and it's on the hardware I want it on, it's a win. There were several games that I can't wait to buy or buy again!

Don't get me wrong, I totally agree with what you are saying. As long as something comes along that interests you that is great.

I just find it strange that an E3 based presentation primed around so much port/ remaster content is lauded as one of the greatest things to happen to E3. Honestly, that speaks volumes to me with how irrelevant E3 is becoming more than anything else tbqh.

But yeah, there is some good stuff coming to the Switch

That reads like you have very selective perception. It would probably help if you typed out all the games that aren't ports/remasters, plus their release dates.

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