Xxain said:
Bandorr said:

I kinda believe it.

Any of the games I found interesting during the MS conference(DB, Tales, Ring) are coming to the PS4.
I don't care who advertises them. So XB advertising them is just the same as Sony doing it.

Almost every game at the SE is coming to PS. Other than last remnant.
And the two games I found interesting at ubisoft (gods and monster) and Watch dogs 3 are also on PS.

Nothing much left for Sony to even advertise at a conference this year. So just let the others do the work for you.

Interested to see how they overlap with the Nintendo conference. Because there were quite a few games I may get on the switch instead. So will Nintendo advertise what was already advertised or go another route.

You do know Last Remnant remaster already released on PS4 right? 

Sure. I guess I meant more of the "announced" games. Anything mentioned at that conference. I guess I could have added that in.

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