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I liked Metroid since the first one on NES, but I didn't play it until Super Metroid was already out. Though Metroid was the first one I played in that genre, I thought the concept of that sort of maze like layout where you need to remember to come back to certain places once you get an item that lets you access them was interesting, but I wasn't any good at memorizing the map.
Played it at a friends place, and he would practice his guitar at the same time, so I ended up associating certain songs with that game.

Super Metroid was really impressive. I can still vividly remember the soundtrack and sound effects and some of the areas even though I haven't played it since.
My neighbor's dad was apparently really good at it, and was able to beat it in under 3 hours, which me and my friends thought about trying to attempt, but we ended up not trying, because we had other new games I play I guess.

My favorite Metroidvania game is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night though. As I was very much into rpgs at the time, the rpg elements, and the Metroid elements mixed into a Castlevania game made me love that game a lot. But it was also due to many of its unique ideas, like the upside down castle, that it became such a memorable game for me. And one that I have replayed a few times as well.