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So, it's been over a month now since Avengers: Endgame came out. As the hype begins to phase out, and the box office with it, it looks set to miss out on the #1 ever spot (barring later re-releases). That said, as much as there has been less talk about it recently, it was an undeniably big cinematic event, and as the big overarching sort-of-conclusion to a 22-film long story, there's a lot to look back to.

We all have our favorites among that large selection of movies, so let's just talk about them! Don't shy away from explaining what makes you love a certain film, go all in, tell us which character resonated with you, which scene blew you away, what your favorite moments were. Except, of course, if your favorite one is Thor: The Dark World, in which case no one wants to hear your story.

Of course, most of you know which is mine, and you've probably heard me talk about it to no end, so I'll refrain from doing so for now, but it's always nice to see people showing their passion for something. So, do!

(and Endgame too, I guess)

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