Yeah, I would have to agree that both PS5 and Xbox Anaconda will most likely have GPU's that are more powerful than the 980ti. Looking at what we know about this new AMD Radeon 5700 specs wise, I would guesstimate it's performance to be about 5% below RTX 2070 in Nvidia optimized games and 5-10% above RTX 2070 in AMD optimized games, and the RTX 2070 is on average about 17% faster than the 980ti in games. Assuming that the PS5's GPU is based on this new 5700, most likely with a couple of CU's disabled for better yields, the PS5's GPU should still beat out the 980ti in performance, especially after console optimizations are taken into account. And of course some pretty reliable Xbox leakers over on ResetEra are claiming that Xbox Anaconda will be even more powerful than PS5, possibly using as a base the lowest end GPU from AMD's high-end GPU line that is set to replace Vega in 2020.

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