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I've made it no secret that Night In The Woods is my favourite game of all time, but it's also been the game that made me feel like a complete failure as a trophy hunter. I played the US version when it released as the UK version was delayed a week, and on release you couldn't achieve the plat, even after a few patches that fixed the sketches i still couldn't achieve it. I couldnt achieve it even after the weird autumn edition content patch released, no ammount of 4 run sittings could get it to unlock. I even managed to 100% the Xbox Version with zero issue on my first try so clearly my version on PS4 wasnt registering something. But what? Who knows.

I was managing my cloud saves and noticed the UK version had a different save so i thought "maybe just maybe the persistent data isnt corrupt on the UK version. In the last 24hrs I've replayed it 4 times, bringing my total play throughs into the 30s across 4 systems and finally, after over 2yrs of persistence and disappointment it finally registered, did nothing new in this run (so it was clearly a issue with my data on the US version) and it finally gave me the Plat. I can finally close this chapter of this generation finally feeling satisfied.

21/2/2017 - 27/5/2019

Last edited by VersusEvil - on 27 May 2019

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