Shore said:

That wouldn't affect microsoft and sony consoles here where i live (they actualy produce them locally!) but nintendo products will be severely affected by this.

You wouldn't be affected by US tariffs on Chinese goods no matter where they are manufactured.  You live in Brazil. Tariffs are a tax paid by local import companies, not the actual nation the tariffs apply to. 

Dulfite said:
Here's my take. It will only be temporary, and China cannot win a trade war with the U.S. so they will eventually break and then prices will be lower again and the U.S. will reap the benefits of having done it in the first place by having American made products purchased more because the tarrifs increase the cost of foreign imports and make them less of a steal. We import far more from China than they import from us, so they cannot win this fight. It's just a matter of time.

1). You must not be too familiar with the growing Chinese economy.  They already passed the US GDP under purchasing power parity indicators and will pass the US by 2026 using non-purchasing power parity indicators.

Also, the reason we import a lot of products in not just for the sake of cost but because it's not manufactured in the US at all.  You can't just buy US manufactured Sony, MS or Nintendo consoles because they aren't manufactured here. And that's just talking final products.  When you start talking about components, we would get our asses kicked. Want US rare Earth minerals?  Good luck.  80% came from China.  And the 10% or so we do mine ourselves, we ship to China for processing...which is now subject to the tariff anyway.

By the way, we are not China's only export market. Not only can they win this trade war, but it could easily make their ties to other markets stronger making them and those other markets themselves stronger.  While we lose because we do not have the materials, infrastructure or markets to make up for the difference or lost access to minerals and products.

And finally, you (and Trump) need to recognize that we are a global market.  You cannot isolate yourself anymore.  That ship sailed decades ago. 

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