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LurkerJ said:

Many similar moments throughout the season, off the top of my head:

  • "If you want a queen, earn her", seconds later Euron nails her.
  • Yara Grejoy rightfully protesting Jon's treason, seconds later, Yara Grejoy "aye"ing Bran as king. Everyone behaving 

Anyone can say or do anything just to make the plot move forward. Euron Greyjoy is invincible until they had to nerf him. Dragons were an easy target until they needed to overpower them. Mistakes had no consequences until they wanted a certain character to die. The previous season was just as bad but few were willing to criticize it.  

Yeah, and I don't know why everyone voted for Bran anyway.
Half of these people should have no idea who the hell Bran is.

And I don't know why some of those people were there to begin with. Davos pointing it out that he shouldn't get a vote doesn't make it any less ridiculous.

And the small council of advisers is treated like an SNL skit. No one mentions the huge ordeal they went through, and time is instead spent arranging chairs and making jokes. Why is Bron one of the advisers? I struggle to think of anyone less qualified.

And Sam is somehow a Grand Maester at the age of 25, becuse why not.

This was actually pretty much as close to a fairy tale ending for every character in this episode as possible, aside from Daenerys.
If only she handn't conveniently and inexplicably decided that killing innocent children took priority over going after Cercei.

Last edited by Hiku - on 22 May 2019