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John2290 said:
RolStoppable said:

Why don't you just stop to use Twitter and other social media?

How? How is that possible? Surely you use them? I can't imagine being out of the loop, it's the quickest way to get news.

I don't use them and never have.

When you live in a country and next to a country where everyone gets taxed for radio and TV in order to finance proper journalism, you might as well use those sources to get your news, because they filter out the facts from all the nonsense that's making its rounds on the internet. Since those broadcasters (ORF in Austria; ARD and ZDF in Germany) also have their own internet platforms, all bases are covered.

Beyond that, there are plenty of websites that still value journalistic integrity.

Do you even know that social media track your activity and deliberately provide you with "news" that you should like based on your preferences? If your thread creation history on VGC is anything to go by, probably not. You should really think about that and seriously ask yourself if you've been fed with actual news or garbage.

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