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John2290 said:
I am concerned about the gameplay aspects of it, I was led to believe in its promotion that it would blend a walking sim level narrative with good gameplay in the same way the last of us/GoW but a more down to earth tale did it but what I see from reviewers is it relies mainly on stealth and simple repetitive puzzles like Senuas sacrifice. I barely got through Hellblade because of the cheap, basic switch flip and symbol matching puzzles but the gameplay was super enjoyable and got me to the end. I am worriee if I buy this that it won't manage that and if I find the story to be too forced and dramatic like HB, I'm wasting money when there is no other hook. I don't ecpect the girl to be a sword master but traps, dynamic environmental weapons, good set pieces, some offensive skills and a fun game play loop of perhaps looting etc Add in actually complex puzzles would be a must also. I'm really conflicted and confused about gameplay beyond stealth and I know watching a lets play will ruin what is apparently a short story.

I'll buy it on sale for sure, just don't think I can gamble on it, I woildn't be able to sit through Senuas sacrifice without that sword play bevause the story was so melodramatic it was embarrassing and the puzzles were seemingly made for a child with no care to respect the intelligence of the player.

It's simplistic enough to get through, yet with a mature enough theme to be enjoyable. Take it as that, rather than expecting it to be something it didn't really ever promise to be. Or, just wait for a sale.