RolStoppable said:
Probably not, but it's not possible to give a definitive answer at this point in time, because we need to know what both Sony and Microsoft have in their hands. Things that we do know:

1. Switch is selling at PS4 pace and has yet to take full advantage of its hybrid nature. Right now its price and size prevent it from harnessing the handheld market that it covers on top of the home console market. There's a good chance that Switch will peak higher than the PS4 while having just as long of a lifecycle.

2. The PS5 won't have it as easy as the PS4. Nintendo is relevant in the market, unlike with the Wii U. Microsoft shouldn't be expected to mess up as badly as with the XB1, so the distribution of PS vs. Xbox sales will probably not be as lopsided as with PS4 vs. XB1. The PS5 has to sell like the PS4 to keep up with Switch though. While not necessarily affecting the PS5 as a whole, two recent events should make people be less bullish about the PS5. For one, the censorship policies, and two, turning the PS1 Classic into a flop despite it taking effort to mess up a product that should have been a surefire hit.

3. On the other side, Microsoft has been making studio acquisitions to bolster their first party lineup. Those are positive actions, so this isn't the same Microsoft that created the XB1. Even if Sony executed the PS5 just as well as the PS4, a better execution of the XB4 than the XB1 would logically result in lower PS5 sales, at the very least in the USA and the UK. It's still more probable that the PS5 will outsell the XB4 globally, but the topic here is if the PS5 can beat Switch.

The most common mistake that people make is that they assume that things will stay as they are from one generation to the next, but changes in leadership and/or strategy are common at companies and shouldn't be ignored. In order to predict the future, it's better to look at what companies are doing in preparation for the next generation, rather than looking at the market performance of the current generation.

1) I think this is debatable, but it is quite possible. Talk of the new SKUs to release will definitely shine a light on potential hardware sale momentum.

2) I don't think this is necessarily true. The Switch has proven that it has like little affect on PS4 sales. Censorship policies and the PS1 Classic have had little affect on the PS4. MS getting more consumer friendly has had little affect on the PS4. And Sony is in a better position going into PS5 than they were going from PS3 to PS4.

3) I think Sony having more good selling titles puts them in a better position than MS having all these new studios. UC, Horizon, GoW, Spidey, DG: sequels are going to be big business for Sony.