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I'm probably 95% less active than I was between March 2014 and June 2017.
The main reason being I just don't have the time for it anymore, which is likely what happens to most people.
I also don't see most of the people I used to when I come, so I agree, people are mostly stopping using it in general.
There is a good side of it as I don't see most of the toxic stuff was driving me away when I was still active, tho.

I believe next gen will bring more people, I was one of those, you too, we that can up from mid 2013 to mid 2014 probably ended here because of the increase of gaming news and excitement following the new generation, I also remember NX rumours and Switch release to be a very hot period here as well. So when we get nexg gen officially announced we will likely have a surge of new members here again.

About bringing back old members... well that's hard. The people I know why are not here or not that active anymore moved to other forums like VizionEk or Gematsu or whatever. Those people were driven away from VGC toxicity or problems, which has lessened a lot but it's hard to take away from people's perception.

I kinda like the place being less popular nowdays because it's easier to keep up with, having a small community is not bad.

We have numbers more often, a way better functioning site, and less toxicity (aside from politics).
If you really want a more active community try to push some conversations topics more often.
Not news topics, actual conversation topics.
For example, a game you really love (like Okami), make a thread about it, you'll find other people that love it interested in the topic.
A more popular game like Zelda or GoW would likely keep acticity way longer tho, and new games too.
I used to review old games I was playing for the first time here and loved it, it would bring small amounts of people and conversation but I always liked the kind of feedback it had, sharing games we like is always great.
New games are way better to get people here, if we start making threads about games we are currently playing more people will stop by.

I see an opportunity when Dreams release for a great thread for example, as it's a community creative tool.
Maybe Mario Maker 2 too, make threads to share levels and stuff.

So what I'm saying with all that stuff is that maybe we should try talking more about games we like here, that will get more people together.

I for one joined this site (after I discovered it because of 8th gen launch) to share my love for Disgaea on a thread about PS3 games.
That's why I stopped lurking and joined this site, to talk about games I like.