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Angelus said:
shikamaru317 said:

We got some more new Zane info at the gameplay reveal today:

-He is the only character that can use more than 1 action skill at once.
-He is Irish and has a thick Irish accent.
-He went to the same Assassin School as Zer0 from Borderlands 2.

Obviously gonna have to play the game to know for sure, but this seems like an inherently bad idea on paper. Getting to use two abilities instead of one could easily make him OP compared to the other characters. Just having a quick look at his skill trees, there's a ton of synergy there, and I very much doubt his individual abilities on their own are very much weaker than those given to the other characters. Why would I wanna use a character that limits me to one ability, when I can use a guy who gets two?

Yeah, people are already saying that Zane is going to be Borderlands 3's OP character, like Salvador in Borderlands 2 and Nisha in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. Not only can he use 2 action skills at once, but he has some very good skills in his trees:

-A skill that activates all kill skills at once whenever you use one of the 2 action skills, with a capstone skill on the Hitman tree that boosts the effect and duration of all kill skills. 

-Here are some of his possible kill skills that the above will affect: Increased reload speed, increased movement speed (can be combined with a skill that increases gun damage the faster you are moving), Life Steal on his gun, next 5 shots have a chance to fire a bonus projectile, increased fire rate, increased action skill duration, all elemental damage taken converted to non-elemental damage with a non-elemental damage resistance percentage, increased gun damage and health regen, and grenade regeneration.

-His defensive skill tree have some very good tanky skills and the shield can block alot of damage.

-His clone skill tree has alot of grenade boosting skills and skills that throw free grenades and regen grenades. People are spculating that his legendary class mod will have grenade regen on it as well, if true it will allow him to spam grenades frequently. 

-He has alot of Cryo damage skills and Cryo is one of the best elements in Borderlands.