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HollyGamer said:
shikamaru317 said:

The 14.7 was for the the max CU's possible on the GCN architecture, 64 CU's. Highly unlikely we would ever see a console with 64's CU's, issues with yields alone would drive the price through the roof. Radeon 7 has 60 CU's and it costs $700 right now. 

That's why I said probably 12 teraflop is still possible, hell even 60 CU is still possible, don't forget . Radeon 7 is Vega even it's still based on GCN it's still Vega. Also Navi 10 will be price around 269 USD by the new leak. So it might not be 14,7 but it might still possible to have 60 CU (13 teraflop) 

I can't see that happening. Navi 10 is a replacement for Polaris 30. Polaris 30 is a 7 tflop chip with 36 CU's, so 13 tflops and 60 CU's would be nearly double it's predecessor. AMD has never managed to release a new GPU generation with a performance improvement of more than 1.5x over the previous generation afaik. For instance, Polaris 30, RX 590, offered a 1.4x improvement in flops over the previous generation GPU it replaced, the R9 390.