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HollyGamer said:
shikamaru317 said:

There is a guy on Twitter going by the handle APISAK, who posts information that has been discovered in 3D Mark databases for unannounced chipsets. APISAK found an AMD chipset named Gonzalo that matches up to confirmed info about PS5's chipset from the interview with Mark Cerny. APISAK also provided proof that both PS4's and PS4 Pro's chipsets were tested in 3D Mark on PC before release. 

The Gonzalo was first listed in January 2019, listed as an engineering sample. This new listing is a for a qualification sample, which means that it is near final silicon. Here are the specs that were pulled from the new listing:

  • CPU- 8 core Ryzen, 1.6 ghz base clock, 3.2 ghz boost clock
  • GPU- 1.8 ghz
  • TDP- 95 watt

Unfortunately, we are still missing RAM information, and we are missing 1 key piece of information needed to determine the tflops of the GPU, the CU count. Digital Foundry provided a possible tflop range based on the 1.8ghz clock, ranging from 36 CU's like PS4 Pro, all the way up to 60 CU's like AMD's current highest end PC GPU, Radeon 7, and that range is 8.3-13.8 tflops. Digital Foundry says to expect less than 60 CU's for sure, citing cost, heat, and yields as reasons why a high CU count are unlikely. DF says to expect between 10 and 12 tflop.

The range is between 8 to 14, 7 teraflop they said, but Digital foundry said it's hard to believe so 13 teraflop is possible  

The 14.7 was for the the max CU's possible on the GCN architecture, 64 CU's. Highly unlikely we would ever see a console with 64's CU's, issues with yields alone would drive the price through the roof. Radeon 7 has 60 CU's and it costs $700 right now.