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Borderlands 3 is expected to be revealed today at 2pm EDT / 11am PDT / 18:00pm GMT / 19:00pm CET / 20:00pm EET. Today, Gearbox released a teaser trailer for it:

Here is everything we know so far or believe we know so far:

-Borderlands 2 ended with Lilith accidentally activating a map of vault locations on multiple planets. This was believed to be a tease that Borderlands 3 would feature space travel with multiple planets to visit.

-Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel ended with an Eridian alien appearing to stop Lilith from executing Athena. The Eridian said "Now is not the time for bickering Vault Hunters. War is coming, you will need all of the Vault Hunters you can get". This is believed to be a tease for Borderlands 3 storyline. 

-Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford revealed in January 2015 that the next main Borderlands game was just entering development. That means that the game currently has 4 years and 2 months of dev time, more than any previous Borderlands game.

-2 years ago, at GDC 2017, Gearbox showed an Unreal Engine 4 tech demo for Borderlands 3:

-Gearbox released a tease for Borderlands 3 in their other game, Battleborn. The tease was shown via morse code and read: “VISIT PROMETHEA, CHILDREN OF THE VAULT. WE ARE NOT ON PANDORA ANYMORE. TANNIS IS NOT WHAT SHE SEEMS. DO NOT OPEN THE VAULTS.”

-Gearbox copyrighted the name Borderworlds awhile back, and there was speculation for awhile that the next game would be called Borderworlds instead of Borderlands 3, and that it would be an MMO loot shooter like Destiny, Anthem, and The Division. However, more recent rumors suggest that the game is a proper, singleplayer/co-op Borderlands 3. 

-Borderlands 3 was expected to be announced at E3 2018, as it appeared in the infamous Walmart Canada leak before E3 2018, which accurately leaked several E3 2018 announces. However, the announcement was rumored to be delayed at the last minute. The game was once again expected to be announced at The Game Awards in December, but again got delayed at the last minute.

-Borderlands 3 was on a list of games that Microsoft got marketing deals for (almost every other game on the list has since been confirmed to have Xbox marketing)

-A few months back, 3 of the playable characters for Borderlands 3 leaked via concept art:

The 4th character, the new Siren class, was purposefully cut from the leak for some reason. The leaked characters were confirmed to be real as they all show up in today's teaser trailer riding in a vehicle.

-Flak, the Beastmaster, is said to be a pet class. Flak will be able to summon 3 beasts to fight alongside him, possibly Skags or other creatures from Pandora. He is said to be an Android. Flak appears at 0:25 in today's teaser trailer. Flak was supposedly responsible for the first delay of Borderlands 3, as Gearbox was struggling with the AI tech for his pets before last E3. 

-Zane, The Operative, is said to be based on Batman. He is wealthy and used his wealth to invent gadgets that he fights with, with a focus on stealth. Zane appears at 0:23 in today's teaser trailer.

-Moze, the Bot Jock, is a mech class. She can summon a mech which she can ride around in. She is said to work for the gun manufacturer Vladof, which specializes in weapons with a high rate of fire in the Borderlands series. Moze was the character featured in Gearbox's 2017 Unreal 4 tech demo. Moze also appears at 0:32 in today's teaser trailer.

-We don't know the name for the 4th character, but she is said to be a Siren. She is black and has a melee focus like Brick from Borderlands 1. Her siren abilities is said to be a ground pound attack.

-Borderlands 3 is rumored to be set 5 years after Borderlands 2. Tiny Tina is said to be in her teens now (she appears alongside Brick and Mordecai in today's teaser and does indeed look much older).

-The villains are rumored to be called the Calypso twins, 1 of which is a siren, leaders of a Cult called Children of the Vault (the Children of the Vault were referenced in the Borderlands 3 Easter egg in Battleborn mentioned above). The cult will have their own weapons brand, which will replace the Bandit/Scav brand. The Calypso twins are shown near the beginning of today's teaser trailer. 

-All previous weapon and shield manufacturers will return except for Bandit/Scav. 

-All elemental effects will return except for laser, slag, and ice. There will be new elemental effects including radiation supposedly.

-Rhys from the Telltale Borderlands game will return as the new CEO of Atlas. Gortys is also said to return, and will help guide the player to vaults on each planet.

-A Crimson Raider ship called Sanctuary 3 is said to act as hub for the player. From the ship the player will be able to head down to multiple other planets.

-The game is said to start with a short sequence on Pandora before the player leaves on the Sanctuary 3 to look for vaults on other planets. One of the planets is said to be Promethea, which has been mentioned in earlier Borderlands games and was mentioned in the Borderlands 3 Easter Egg in Battleborn mentioned above.

-In today's teaser trailer, there are 2 hidden messages: One is in braille and says "Follow and Obey" the 2nd is in Morse code and says "Count the sirens" (In Borderlands lore, there can only be 6 Sirens alive at any given time. When 1 Siren dies, a new siren is born. 1 siren, Steele, died in Borderlands 1, which means there is 1 Child siren who should be about 10 years old as of Borderlands 3. A 2nd siren, Angel, died in Borderlands 2, which means there should be a 2nd child siren who is about 5 years old. 2 other Sirens, Maya and Lilith, who were playable characters in the first 2 games, are still alive. 1 of the calypso twins, the leaked vlllains for Borderlands 3, is said to be a siren. The 4th playable character in Borderlands 3 is said to be a siren. So that adds up to all 6 sirens that can exist at any given time)

-Randy Pitchford has teased that the announcement to release window for Borderlands 3 will be pretty short, most likely months. It is currently rumored that Borderlands 3 will release in September. 

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 28 March 2019