twintail said:
BraLoD said:

They said.

They did not have PSX and will not have E3 and the reason for that was they were looking for new ways to interact with their costumers, which was this, and this was horrible.

They are literally skipping two major conferences to present us their updates in this new format, and the very first one already felt useless, why would I want to watch this kind of borefest and not an actually good presented video/trailer of any of those games?

Want to update me on PS stuff at least save it for when you have big updates to show, as big games release date, announcements, sales milestones, product pricedrops, damn even if they used that to announce PSN discounts it would make more sense then just that.

Sure, but in reference to E3 being cancelled.

The format of trailer after trailer is pretty much what Sony has turned their conferences into. Ppl on forums complained having ppl come on stage and talking. Maybe it was a reaction, maybe it wasnt. But here we go: just games at a steady pace.

As for the lack of a big announcement, I am not sure what to tell you buddy except that you let your own expectations of 'LoD incoming?' get the best of you. PSX2018 was cancelled because they didnt have enough content for them to have a conference. You think that less than 4 months later they magically have big announcements to make on a streaming show they haven't utilised for quite some time? Get real. 

They show can improve. There are definitely issues with it that can be sorted out quite easily going forward.

And no, your suggestion of PSN discounts doesn't make much sense since its pretty obvious that playstation owners engage with that news in a high enough capacity as it is already presented: PS blog and the PS store. 

The problem was not the format or presentation, it was the content, or the lack of it.

They had no real reason to do that as it was, it was pathetic, or are you gonna tell me they need to mark a day and hour to show me that bland Iron Man VR game? Days Gone 15th trailer? A MK character?

If they are going to do this they need to do this when they have a reason to do this. If they had given say Death Stranding a release windown, that would already be something actually interesting and gather my attention. And its they major exclusive I'm least interested into by far.

If they are skipping two major conferences in a row of course they have to show us a big announcement too, even if I was completely not expecting it at all right now, they'll have to, eventually.

Even that quick Persona 5 The Royal teaser was miles more impactant than this whole State of Play thing.

They make me feel like not caring to watch the next when they mark it, and if they go and announce something big there and I miss it and get spoiled, then I'll get mad.

They have to set this right, do it when they have a reason to do it, and if it's as irrelevant as this it could very well be something weekly/monthly where PSN discounts and new releases announcements would make sense.

I'm giving them one more chance and that's it, if it's this bad again they have lost me, I'm lot making room to watch it when they release it for random irrelevant stuff like this. Not really.