While I never expected the investigation to find evidence linking Trump directly to the Russian government, as that would be quite difficult to do, I do hope that it will shed light on other crimes surrounding it. And explain why Trump risked obstruction of justice charges multiple times while interfering with the investigation.

Muller's report chose to not draw a conclusion about obstruction of justice charges, but noted evidence on both sides of the question and that it does not exonerate Trump. This could mean a number of things, and the fact that the attorney general based their conclusion on whether they were in relation to Russian interference in the election, it sounds like the reason Muller didn't draw a conclusion there may be because the obstruction of justice charges that do have a strong case involve covering up 'lesser crimes' than conspiring with a foreign nation to disrupt the election.

For instance, bribes and money laundry.

The president has already been implicated in one federal crime pertaining to campaign finance laws, and there would be more due to the recent revelation that Trump secretly continued the Trump Tower Moscow negotiations after claiming they were over.
But because there's a policy to not indict a sitting president, those kind of crimes are swept under the rug.

The bottom line is, congress needs to see the full report, and the public should see as much of it as possible.
Hopefully it will shed some light on whatever Trump was apparently trying hide. And hopefully Barr does not intend on keeping that from congress and the public.

Last edited by Hiku - on 25 March 2019