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It took a bit longer than we’d expected it to, but the new page is now live and we’ve fully transitioned from the old software tracking system to the new one. We know many of you will be disappointed by this decision but it had become necessary.

For more information on the background to this move check out this post - . We’ve made some slight changes between then and now but the fundamentals are the same.

There are also still some more additions to be made, most notably for example we haven’t yet got a system in place to handle multiplatform totals and so have only added single platform software shipments for the time being, but Talon is working on adding that functionality.

The key changes to the front page are:

  • The Hardware Chart box has been moved closer to the top.
  • Weekly Software charts have been replaced with two new boxes since we’re no longer making our own software estimates (old ones can still be viewed and always will be viewable). Those new boxes are:


  • A Latest Charts box, which lists all of our official software chart coverage. We’ve been reporting on those official charts from a wider selection of countries for some weeks now in the news section but this gives them their own section on the chart column.
  • A Latest Shipment Updates box, which lists the most recent official shipment data uploaded to the database. There are platform tabs in this box, so if you wish to only view the most recent shipment updates for a specific platform you can.

On top of that changes have been made to the game pages:

  • If shipping numbers are available they have replaced the old Sales Charts on the top right of game pages.
  • That old Sales Charts has now been archived to a new Sales tab on the game page (so that all of the data can still be accessed).
  • The Sales Tab also includes a historic list of Shipping Updates.

The key next steps will be to allow for multiplatform uploading as mentioned above and to make changes to the top bar.

Questions for myself or Talon, flaming, bitching – all that jazz – please post it below (and keep it to this thread).

Last edited by Machina - on 23 March 2019