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John2290 said:
JamesGarret said:

I´ve been reading the official thread on ResetEra and the vast majority there think it´s far harder than any Dark Souls game and Bloodborne, but of course difficulty is one of those things that might vary wildly depending on the player´s skill.

Yes. They are indeed correct, it is much much harder and more demanding of patience and practice. I always think people who use Darksould as a comparison to another games difficulty are lunatics because the game isn't hard it is just punishing. Sekerio is both, it is difficult and punishing a designed so you can not cheese or over level to win, you must get better, plan and excite better tactics or else you'll not be progressing. I already see people on forums and review sites bombing it with 0's because of this, it is going to make a lot of people posse off and the certain portion of DS players who power through those games or do the summons thing are going to be in for a rough time. 

Well that's good to hear. I was going off of that IGN conclusion, but then again the reviewer probably only played it for a couple of hours.