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BlackBeauty said:

But who’s using that app?

Anyways, and how do you think they are going to stream stadia to iOS devices? Through chrome? LOL APPLE wouldn’t allow deep access of third party apps like that. You can’t even download on chrome IOS. It will have a separate app just like YouTube.


I'm sure there's people using the app - probably as many people who for some reason may use their Switch to do anything other than gaming lol.


You cant download anything on iOS period unless its a apple approved app (itunes, app store, etc) - which is why Android is the bigger mobile platform just like how Windows is the bigger PC Operating system compared to macOS.

Apple loves to have walled garden OSes which is why Android has the edge overall with the consumer and is available on not just two different pieces of hardware like iOS is.


Besides Stadia is not limited to just phones - its obviously gonna be compatible with PCs, Smart TVs, Tablets, etc.


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