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NightlyPoe said:
SpokenTruth said:

You are isolating a leaf and ignoring the forest.

Correct.  I'm highlighting an example of journalistic malpractice.  I'm not highlighting a forest or litigating vaccination like many (most actually) are doing here.

Your examples were about minors.  That is an ongoing issue.  Having a 16-year-old advocate speaking out about not being able to get vaccinated would be a story.  An adult, however, is not.  I'm not sure what the difficulty is in all this.  One is a crashing of parental rights and underage youths control of their own bodies and health.

The other is just an adult going to the doctor.

Leaf, you're still staring it. It's highlighting a simple fact...children are disobeying their parents decisions regarding vaccinations.  And before you get all semantic on me, child also refers offspring regardless of age.

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