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BanjoPickles said:
I was going to buy all three, but....nope, I'm not going to go along with this. RE4 is a $20 on PS4, and to charge an additional $10 for the same digital release is absurd and exploitive. No thanks. At least Mega Man 11 was a NEW game, AND it came on a card! What sucks is the catch-22: they're going to lose so many sales because of this, and they're going to blame the fans/Nintendo for the game selling so poorly. I hate that so many big third-party developers pull the carrot on a string crap when it comes to supporting Nintendo platforms. Either they release games with components that are missing, or they overcharge, and then they say things along the lines of "if Nintendo fans want THIS game then they have to buy THAT game to show that they want our support!" A game can bomb on PS4 or XBONE and it won't matter, but if a game tanks on a Nintendo platform? Kiss that developer goodbye! It's ridiculous that these companies don't realize that Nintendo fans are like any other gaming base: they want quality experiences and they don't like being ripped off!


CaptainExplosion said:
Why does Capcom hate Switch users? -_-

The reason for this seems to be because the physical version of Zero is on a 16GB cartridge, and those are still expensive.
And the retail side has to keep parity with the stores, so the price of RE4 is affected by this, even though it's digital only.

A better solution to this would have just been to make these digital only, and not put them on physical carts.

Last edited by Hiku - on 01 March 2019