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Flilix said:
mZuzek said:

Why do people seriously still want this? Aren't 800 Pokémon enough already? I hate the idea that every generation needs a huge amount of new Pokémon to be good, especially when we have so many already. I'd rather continue with the smaller rosters so completing the National Pokédex, or even just being able to recognize every Pokémon doesn't become an even bigger problem than it is.

Furthermore, every large roster of Pokémon has always had loads of random filler Pokémon like the "generic bat of this generation" or the "generic fish of this generation" and honestly we have more than enough of those already. I'm all for them focusing on only making new Pokémon when they're gonna be unique and interesting, and while I hate Sun/Moon's roster, I can at least respect that they tried to do that. X/Y's roster is far and away the best ever in my opinion, no contest, and it only had 72.

This, absolutely. I was rather disappointed when I saw that we were only getting 69 new Pokémon in gen 6, but more and more I got to realise that that was a great move. They cut out the forgettable filler mons, which was a pretty big problem that B&W had. With 800 Pokémon, they've basically used every concept or animal already. Except for dolphins.

Eh, I don't quite agree on the gen 5 part. I mean, I agree that there was a lot of filler and that those eventually became useless, but I respect their decision to make Black/White unique by having their own whole Pokédex, and they needed lots of Pokémon if they were gonna fulfill that goal. It did wonders for Black/White in my opinion, makes those games really interesting, but in the long run we really just got a lot of useless filler.