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Farsala said: 
RolStoppable said:

The following numbers cover April to December 2018, as opposed to the entirety of calendar year 2018 like other numbers in this thread. I am being lazy and can't be bothered to search for the missing quarter that is accounted for in different financial reports.

Sony operating income - 247.2 billion yen
Nintendo operating profit - 220.029 billion yen

Sony is predicting ~300 billion yen for the end of the FY. And even though Nintendo is at 220 they only predict 225?

I don't know why Nintendo didn't change their original forecast. Maybe they will have an unusual R&D expense or an acquisition of a development studio, because Switch won't get a price cut. And even if Switch just sells a mediocre amount of hardware and software for the quarter, profits would still go well above 225 billion for the fiscal year.

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