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Game name: A knights fantasy tale


A young traveler look alike to the king of medieval times . look alike gives the king nice things the king is struck with shock he tells the travel his sons and grand sons will suffer for all eternity seizes the traveller locks him up for torture 

far away the travellers son noticed his father hasn't come home in many years since father visited the kingdom of the east . the son is now a knight in kindom north became a master sword men with few magic he learned from mages and on a journey to find his father who at this moment is locked 

away extremely weak and old. though out the years the son suffered having his childhood friends killed his first love interest eaten by monster and mother being blind and his father captured and tortured by east king .So, he became a knight with magic powers . along the adventure son picked up a few friends knowing the east king tyranny was an all time high 

son picked up 4 more friends during his travels . during the travels news emerged that travellers son was making his way to east kingdom the king sent other knights and few tamed monsters to kill travellerss son .Travellers son kills knights and monsters king gets angry sends his general and toughest monsters to forgotten forrest wilderness which is the path to the kingdom 

son kills few monsters in forgotten forest and finally meets the general and some huge monsters they  kill few of the monsters and knights. but one of the 4 party members dies travellers son escapes with his 3 friends the general tracks them down .. 


Guys help me write rest of this story ^_^

Last edited by dx11332sega - on 25 January 2019

It's easy to picture Miss Xbox AKA Vert from Hyperdimension Neptunia with Pigtails and younger, Just give her pigtails and make her 2 year younger look at the one far left example , answered.