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Ganoncrotch said:
Bristow9091 said:

They should seriously buckle down and take another crack at it if you ask me, although maybe not have such a questionable roster of  "all-stars", for example; Big Daddy... in no way would I EVER consider him a PlayStation all-star, lol.

I mean... look at the original Bioshock, it was literally an X360 exclusive for the first year of being on the market, it wasn't even on the system that considered him an All Star.

Yeah this is exactly what I mean lol, how the actual fuck did they come to the conclusion that Big Daddy, from BioShock, the game that was X360 exclusive for a whole year before coming to PS3, would be a good fit as a "PlayStation All-Star", I mean I'd seriously love to go back in time and sit in that meeting listening to them coming up with the roster, and just laugh my face off at whoever threw Big Daddy into the pot, lol.