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1. Too much downtime.
2. Make every level distinct.
3. Have a better soundtrack.
4. Context.
5. Characters with personality
6. Have a level of Surprise within levels
7. Have narrative within the levels
8. Give better controls
9. Have better rewards
10. Better artstyle

You'll have to watch the video to hear the explanations for each

This video is so spot on about NSMBU, its infinitely inferior to Tropical Freeze. The level design, atmosphere, character, music, basically everything is better in Tropical Freeze. the only thing NSMBU does better is mutliplayer. I hope Nintendo will look at Tropical freeze when making the next Mario to help advance this series. Level designs are feeling bland, the art style is dated, basically the series is in urgent need for a revamp.

What do you guys think about the suggestions in the video and how to improve the 2D mario series


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