Different strives for different people, that's how it's always been. All in all, by not buying BoTW on Switch it's clear that when I bought my Switch in 2017, the number of games wasn't quite flourishing, especially since I didn't have a liking to games such as Splatoon 2 or Fire Emblem Warriors. However I did find stuff that end up compelling to my tastes so I can't it was just an average when by introspection this console released in it's 1st year some of the biggest games of this genration with the Quadruforce (Sp2,BoTW,SMO,MK8DX). Meanwhile, 2018 had more games that compelled to me than 2017 but it never reached the highs of what we had last year ... until summer where Octopath Traveler launched then we got through an excellent 2nd half finished by non other then Smash Ultimate !

So my final say is ... "nice opinion".

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