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LipeJJ said:
Mar1217 said:
I probably wouldn't make a prediction on my own since I think we lack too much information for the next year's lineup which is obviously kept for later Directs.

Yeah, the January Direct will be a telling one when it comes to the schedule. If I had to guess right now tho, I'd say that Yoshi is coming on March, Fire Emblem between April and May, Animal Crossing during summer, and Luigi's Mansion on October in time for Halloween. Oh, and if Pokémon is indeed releasing next year, then it will very likely be a November release. Other than that, I have no clue. 

I expect Daemon x Machina to also be a summer title. TOWN might be good to be scheduled at the end of August/beginning of September I say. The rest of my thoughts pretty much aligned with yours.

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