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Alright guys. In roughly 7 days we get the MC weekly with Smash.

Time to trow down some predictions!

1. Predict Smash first week sales
2. Predict Switch hardware sales.

3. Predict PS4 hardware sales.
4. Predict Just Cause 4 PS4 first week sales.

You don't have to predict all of themand can just predict what you feel comfortable with.
But also feel free to predict even more than that.

Here some additional insight that may (or may not) be useful:

Smash is tracking pretty well with over 900 preorder points on COMG, making it the second biggest Switch game on there with a shot at overtaking Splatoon 2 for the crown.
COMG ratio is a bit weird these days so it could be between 1:700 to 1:2500.
Recent Switch games have had a trend towards 1:2000 but none of those were remotely as big as Smash so probably not a good example.

Switch hardware is widely available, only the budled (Smash, SMP) stock has gotten a bit low.
It would seem that Smash has over 1.5M shipped copys for its launch.
Both those things were said by Chris1964 on Era. How much you put faith in his words is on you.

PS4 is getting a deal in Japan. Console is 5000 yen off (~$45) and comes with two free games.
Just Cause 4 has not been doing well on COMG or on amazon and initial reactions were pretty bad.