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KManX89 said:

Wow, EA/DICE continue to be white knights. All because gamers did what they told them to and "not buy the game if they didn't like it" (which is why it went on sale less than a week after releasing), you know, the same people they called uneducated and went "my daughter" for wanting a historically accurate WW2 game (because insulting your own fan base is a great way to market your game). Rather than holding this L with some dignity, they go out of their way to mock and put words in BFV detractors' mouths at a launch party event (most of the complaints were NOT "fuck wymins/feminazis"), calling them bigots of every size, shape and color. 

Because it worked so well for GhostBusters, right, right?

Add to this censoring white man (which I covered earlier) and Nazi in a game about fighting Nazis and it's truly baffling that they STILL can't figure out why their game sold like shit, chalking it up to "being for inclusivity". Yup, totes no (v)agenda here.


So ppl are complaining that they won't remove female characters from online?